Where should the money go?

To the editor:

As you have reported, the Oberlin school board on Feb. 21 is likely to decide the extent to which we subsidize the cost of getting our resident Lake Ridge Academy students to and from their school. The choice, by law, is either to bus them or, if that is “impractical,” to offer parents a (less generous) “payment in lieu” of the bus ride.

For years we have borne the full cost of busing these students away from our schools at a cost of an extra $30,000 per year. Regardless of wealth and education, some families keep their kids in our excellent local public schools, some may send them elsewhere, depending on how they view the best interests of the child. Still, it has become “impractical” for our sturdy but small district to shoulder this particular expense, one better absorbed or passed along by the private school.

Superintendent David Hall and our board are essentially posing this question to Oberlin taxpayers: “We have found a way to reallocate some funds, within the bounds of the law. Where do you want your share to go: into the bucket for the Oberlin kids or the one for the Lake Ridge kids?”

They already know my answer, but do they know which bucket your other readers would choose?

Mary B. McKee