Preserving busing for all Oberlin’s children

To the editor:

My husband Claudio Orso and I have lived in Oberlin for 17 years. During those years we have both enthusiastically worked with local public schools, the Big Parade, Boys & Girls Club, Oberlin Public Library, and many other community organizations and arts events throughout the year. Our two sons grew up here and play sports, engage in community projects, and are deeply connected to Oberlin. We also eagerly support every levy in support of the public schools.

We all pay taxes for basic services that we need to thrive and be safe, such as roads, firefighters, police, clean water, abd public schools as well as safe busing for all kids in our community, which includes busing children who go to school within 30 miles of the city of Oberlin.

I am utterly dismayed that busing children to any other school outside of Oberlin is up for debate — the families who send their children to Lake Ridge or Open Door or any other school within the 30-mile radius other than the Oberlin City Schools have paid taxes for that service. Where families choose to send their children to school is a personal decision.

Can we please work together as a community and look out for well-being of all our children? We all work hard to make this town special and inclusive place to live, let’s not separate out each other over busing kids, especially when we contribute through our taxes for this service. This is a great place to live, and I am grateful for your time.

Rian Brown-Orso