Public schools need to comply with busing law

To the editor:

We are writing to express our concerns about the potential plan to discontinue busing to Lake Ridge Academy and other private schools, like Elyria Catholic and Open Door, that under the law have received busing from our school district.

Historically, the Oberlin City Schools have followed the law by providing busing to schools within a 30-mile radius. This has been true since the inception of Ohio Revised Code 3327.01.

Regrettably, this debate has become a Lake Ridge versus Oberlin City Schools issue and has created ugly and unnecessary divisions in our community. Although some of us send some of our children to Lake Ridge and to other private schools for a variety of personal reasons, we all are still part of the greater Oberlin community. We contribute to the tax base and are actively involved in the community in many ways. Given the solid financial standing of the school district as a result of levies and a robust tax base that we have supported and to which we contribute, all we ask is for Oberlin to continue to comply with the law and transport all children safely to school.

Studies show that yellow school buses are the safest way to transport children to schools. Is saving a few thousand dollars (not the $33,000 dollars erroneously and repeatedly quoted) more important than the safety of the children who reside in Oberlin?

Jennifer Zinn-Lagasse

Luc Lagasse