Article didn’t cover enough history

To the editor:

This is a letter of response to the article “Christian opens Black History Month with Oberlin talk.” The reporter clearly missed the point of the talk. The point of the talk was to focus on the contributions of African-Americans in Oberlin. While he clearly counted the 90 minutes, he failed to mention the names of the founder of the Oberlin African-American Genealogy and History Group, Phyllis Yarber Hogan; historians like John Willis; and first settlers John Ramsey who helped to build First Church.

I want to publicly apologize for the “whitewashing” of my presentation to the people who attended and clarity for those who read the article.

Margaret Christian

Editor’s note: Last week we gave front page, above-the-fold coverage to a Black History Month observance here in Oberlin. Ms. Christian clearly missed the point of the article. The article was not intended to be an essay about historical figures, nor was it intended to cover a 90-minute talk point by point. The article was intended to show — and did so accurately — that Black History Month is embraced by the community, critical to Oberlin’s identity, and important in light of the national political atmosphere, which is why is was given the most prominent placement in the print edition.