Moral Christians can support Trump

To the editor:

In the Feb. 16 edition, Rob Swindell writes his opinion on the “Johnson Amendment.” In his usual leftist, liberal manner, he insists churches should never be allowed to support any political candidate, although I think if he really said what he wants to say, he would say churches should never show support of conservative candidates.

He insists on separation of church and state to support his opinion. He completely contradicts himself at the end of his article. Although he feels religion and politics don’t go together, he says “a moral Christian” could never vote for Donald Trump as it would be unethical. OK, Swindell, do my religious convictions matter in my political choices or not? Are you really saying that since I voted for Trump I have low moral standards? I would never allow someone like Swindell to sway my moral standards regarding who I will vote for.

I saw the past eight years and I saw the 2016 Democratic nominee and what her standards are. No thank you. In the meantime, please, get over it. Your party lost the election so quit whining, will you?

Nate Baker