A case for cursive

To the editor:

The opportunity was recently presented to voice a reader’s opinion regarding the importance of teaching and learning cursive handwriting in schools. Imagine a person wishing to read an older, primary source document such as a handwritten letter or official government document from years ago. Not being able to read or understand cursive would make this act extremely difficult, if not impossible.

One’s ability to read primary source documents is key to being able to appreciate and understand the past and also to move forward by having that solid education of the past. The inability to read such documents for oneself is concerning. Once something like this is lost, a barrier is created and a gap forms in this type of knowledge in a society. It then becomes difficult to reinstitute such forms of education.

Cursive handwriting education does not consume a great amount of time and it ought to continue to be taught in schools.

Matthew W. Nahorn