Eastwood cut would hurt children

To the editor:

Eastwood School used to have two full time Title 1 reading teachers in addition to the four classroom teachers for each grade level. Some years ago there came a point when the decision was made to incorporate those two positions into the classrooms in order to reduce class size.

Class size is a huge factor affecting learning. One year with just 14 in my class, I had an extremely successful year because I had the opportunity to get to each child and help them individually. At the time that we moved to reassign those Title 1 teachers, we were assured that it would be permanent and we would have smaller class sizes going forward. I asked for something to be written into our contract because I knew that, as time wore on, that would be forgotten. It was never written into the contract and here we are. Reducing the Eastwood staff by one position will send the class size in the wrong direction and adversely affect the education of our children.

I was on the negotiating team many times. Each time reduction in force came up, teachers all agreed that a collective reduction in pay was a better choice than cutting even one teacher.

I know our school system is in dire straits. The fault lies with Gov. John Kasich, who has stripped funds from school districts and municipalities across the state. It is time for the Oberlin Schools staff and taxpayers to make their voices heard. Call Kasich at 614-466-3555.

Janet Garrett