Co-op promises to protect browsing histories

To the editor:

In the past few weeks there has been a lot of news coverage concerning Internet privacy and net neutrality rules and regulations. The current administration is in the process of attempting to rescind the rules and regulations that were incorporated by the Federal Communications Commission in 2015 and 2016 and an editorial in last week’s News-Tribune expressed concern. The board and staff of Oberlin Cable Co-op would like all Oberlin.Net subscribers to be assured that we have always had their best interests in mind.

It has always been our policy to keep your information safe. We will never share or sell browsing history, habits, or account information to any third party organization. All information we have or collect is used strictly to do our business with our subscribers. We monitor our network to confirm that your modem is connected and not what your actual activity may be. Any information that may be collected is only used to assist in diagnosing a problem that a particular subscriber may have. In these cases, we work directly with that subscriber to help resolve their issue. Releasing any particular information to a third party requires a signed release form.

Past practices of some providers were to delete or limit activity to certain services if that ISP did not have a specific agreement with that service provider. A good example of this would be limiting bandwidth to certain websites until a “paid” service is secured. Oberlin Cable Co-op does not limit the bandwidth of any user to any website or protocol. This has been our practice and policy for many years.

Oberlin Cable Co-op strives to provide all Oberlin.Net subscribers the best Internet experience possible. Having different levels of service gives subscribers the option of paying only for the services they require for their particular activities. There are those entities that will exploit customer information for the revenue it generates. Oberlin Cable Co-op is not and never will be one of those. While Oberlin Cable Co-op works to keep your activity and content private, please remember that other Internet services that you use may not maintain your privacy. Always exercise caution.

Ralph Potts, General Manager

Mark Jaffee, Board President

Oberlin Cable Co-op