Naturalized yards reduce carbon footprint

To the editor:

As a member of a community, respect others before using toxic herbicides and insecticides as spring brings life to full bloom. Visit the library or go online and research prior to using nerve-toxic, soil-destroying methods available at most big box stores by the shelffuls.

Just talking a walk down this aisle can cause symptoms of illness for some of us who have become “chemical sensitive” due to years of exposure through our own ignorance, the food we ate, and big farming neighborhoods where chemicals float through the air. We are the “canaries” in this cave of a planet, with permanently damaged nervous systems to show for decisions made in the name of a perfect lawn free from what we consider pests and weeds.

Wildflowers and many insects grow where they are needed to attend to the betterment of our ecosystem. Certain indigenous plants grow best where soil is depleted of nitrogen, for example. Our world attempts symbiosis, just as our bodies attempt to maintain equilibrium and health.

Before you use a store-bought product, including perennials, bagged soils and chemicals, please stop at the library and ask for anything written by Lorrie Otto, visit the website “Wild Ones: Native plants, Natural Landscapes” at or call the OSU Extension in Lorain County at 440 326-5851, or visit 42110 Russia Rd. in Elyria. Learn more about the use of all natural, non-toxic diatomaceous earth at Be careful using it, as it will kill bees if used around blossoming plants. Use it around door frames and spots where ants enter your home as it stops ants from returning.

Lisa Kavanaugh