Green home is significant accomplishment

To the editor:

I was delighted to see “Family cuts ribbon on refurbished green home” on the front page of the April13 Oberlin News-Tribune. This is another significant accomplishment of Zion Community Development Corporation’s Affordable Green Housing Initiative.

I was aware that Michael Yates, construction manager, encountered many difficulties. To his and David Sonner’s (ZCDC executive director) credit they overcame the many challenges their first rehabilitation project presented.

The first newly constructed house in ZCDC’s Affordable Green Housing Initiative at 121 Smith St., Oberlin, demonstrated that they could make an affordable, highly-efficient house. The monthly mortgage payment was less than the rent the owner paid for her apartment prior to ownership. Its first year energy use was about 20 percent of similar houses in Oberlin, making for a very modest utility bill.

In a year I look forward to reading in the Oberlin News-Tribune how the rehabilitated house at 305 Lincoln St. performed. It should perform well. Will it be as good as Smith Street? That would be unexpected but fantastic!

Carl McDaniel