On health care, Jordan doesn’t represent us

To the editor:

Is Rep. Jim Jordan listening to people or corporations?

I am curious as to how many constituents of Jim Jordan’s gerrymandered District 4 have experienced what I have, when attempting to get answers from our “representative.” Recently, in a letter I asked him why he did not support a single-payer system for health care. He replied with a letter that bashed “Obamacare.” I sent him a reply asking once again and got a telephone call from a staffer who was very polite, but either would not or could not answer my questions.

Another letter was sent to Mr. Jordan, to which he again replied with similar non-answers-bashing-Obamacare but this time included the importance of “stakeholders” and the need to allow freedom for the insurance companies to offer affordable options, again, failing to answer my question!

Deciding to call his office once more, I spoke with a staff person and asked, “Does Jim Jordan listen to the people he represents or intentionally ignore us? The people have spoken and we want a single payer system for our health care. People matter more than insurance companies! Please tell him this again. We do not need to pay the ‘middleman’ insurance companies, which not only increase costs, but interfere in the care from our personal health care providers! Why in the world won’t our representative represent us? Please ask him these questions.”

I was told he would pass this message on to “Representative” Jordan. It is clear Jim Jordan could care less what the people want. He responds as if he hears only what he chooses to hear, and it seems he hears money talking, not people crying out, “Medicare for all!”

Lisa Kavanaugh