Chemical companies need stricter controls

To the editor:

With a new farm bill on the horizon, perhaps now is the time to stop chemical companies from manufacturing substances before adequate testing has proven them safe to human and soil life. As most are aware, if our soil dies we die. It is that simple. The state of Maryland recently banned the sale of certain pesticides to consumers. Ohio would be wise to do the same. Since agriculture is vital to Ohioans, farms should be included in this ban until all independent evidence is in on long-term product safety.

We know organic practices are not only cheaper, but easier for farmers in the long run. It takes several years of chemical-free farming to be considered organic. If several farms at a time were to go through the process of becoming chemical and GMO free, we (people and planet) would be healthier for it! There are millions of safe methods to use for pest and disease control.

Chemical companies must prove, through independent testing, product safety for use long term before dumping them on the public! You can help this become a reality by contacting you legislators by telephone, email or written letter. Tell them to govern chemical companies and restrict the use of substances until three independent sources have done long-term studies on product safety. This should include interactions with commonly used products already deemed safe for long term use. Interactions can be more dangerous than the actual product. A simple example is the use of bleach and ammonia — a deadly gas results when they are mixed.

Lisa Kavanaugh