Swindell puts on his blinders

To the editor:

In response to Rob Swindell’s liberal slant on Donald Trump’s “fake news” terminology, it might be wise on Swindell’s part to realize different people have different ways to express their feelings toward any topic.

Again, in his usual, “I’m a Democrat so I’m right, you’re wrong” thinking, he feels he is a walking dictionary and thesaurus that we all must heed to. Swindell puts on his blinders again to avoid seeing various interpretations. Trump calls the media “fake news” because it is constantly liberally tilted in painfully biased ways. The liberal media stretches the truth and says only portions of a story that make the conservative viewpoint seem like the villain. To back up his statements, Swindell uses exactly the same rationale he blames Trump for using. Donald Trump can use whatever terminology he chooses to show his disdain for the lies and mistruths the liberals, like Swindell, express. Welcome to the First Amendment, which the liberals may want to abolish but conservatives choose to support. This battle will continue for a long time so get used to it.

In the meantime, Swindell, you lost the election. Quit whining and complaining and get over it. Just sit back, quit the name-calling, and watch our country regain the respect it lost over the previous eight years.

Nate Baker