Where was Jordan?

To the editor:

Last week, our U.S. representatives and senators were in recess, which means they were home and supposedly available to their constituents. When asked, the staff at Rep. Jim Jordan’s offices were not able to share his schedule. He also did not hold any events to meet with his constituents.

However, one event that Rep. Jordan did attend wasn’t even in his district. He spent an evening not with his constituents here answering their questions or addressing their concerns but instead was in another district far from the people he represents.

We have a budget that calls for massive cuts to education and social programs that will affect folks in his district. We have a health care bill giving billions in tax cuts to the ultra-wealthy, while potentially leaving millions without coverage. President Donald Trump and the Republican-led Congress have not introduced one bill or policy that actually puts those Americans left behind back to work.

His offices suggested that we, his constituents, organize an event and invite Rep. Jordan, which he may choose not to attend. This approach is a complete abdication of his responsibility to speak to the taxpayers funding his work. He can and should be arranging his own town halls, not pushing the work onto his constituents or other organizations.

Maureen Simen