Climate resolution appreciated

To the editor:

Communities for Safe and Sustainable Energy commends city council for passing a resolution addressed to President Donald Trump in opposition to the withdrawal of the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement, which he announced on June 1.

We agree that the agreement is a landmark achievement in combating climate change. We also agree that a stable and predictable legal framework and clear policy signals are required to encourage investments that are essential to addressing climate change in a cost-effective way and to reduce dependence on fossil fuel.

We are appalled by President Trump’s moral abdication of responsibility to the future, not only of the citizens of this nation, but of the other nations of the world. We are proud that council re-affirmed the city’s commitment of our Climate Action Plan goal of reducing our greenhouse gas emissions to below zero no later than 2050. And we hope that other cities and states will indeed “adopt the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement and join nearly all other nations in reducing greenhouse gas emissions responsible for global climate change.”

Steve Hammond, President

John Elder, Vice President

Communities for Safe and Sustainable Energy