Clean energy can create jobs

To the editor:

The Oberlin News Tribune reports that Lorain County has lost over 6,000 jobs in a 15-year period, and asks what can be done to bring back high-paying employment (“Down 6,195 jobs in Lorain County,” June 29, 2017).

Our country is standing on the edge of an energy revolution with wind, solar, and nuclear starting to replace fossil fuels we can no longer afford to burn. In 2016, the national average wage for a worker in the solar and wind industries was $26 per hour.

How can we bring more of these jobs to Lorain County? It would help if the federal government stopped subsidizing fossil fuels and instead created accountability for the carbon pollution which is harming the health and lives of human beings around the world. We can do this by putting a steadily rising fee on carbon emissions, returning the net revenue to all American citizens equally. This would create a level playing field in the energy sector, allowing new, clean energy jobs to flourish in Lorain County and around the country. (Oh, and by the way, it would also solve the climate crisis!)

If you would like our government to enact such a carbon fee, then you have a job to do right now: Contact your members of Congress and let them know!

John Sabin