Swindell is wrong about everything

To the editor:

There’s CNN, then there’s MSNBC, and we have local whining we constantly read from Rob Swindell.

Swindell claims it drives Donald Trump crazy that he lost the popular vote. In reality, it drives Swindell crazy that Clinton lost the vote that really counts. Swindell continues with unimportant “facts” such as attendance at the inauguration and tee times to attack Trump. If Swindell has to use Samantha Bee as his political expert, I think we know how lame his sources are. Trump instituted his travel ban to protect the United States, not to discriminate. If Swindell pays attention he would know the ban is for all citizens of those countries, not just Muslims. No discrimination there. Trump’s motivation for improving the border wall is, again, for our safety. What Swindell calls “delusional” is, for the rest of us, confidence that we finally have a president looking out for its citizens. The health care plan that is headed to disaster is Obamacare. Many of us are tired of paying for a plan that was shoved down our throats by the Democrats while our pockets are being emptied paying for those who haven’t contributed a thing. And, of course, Swindell couldn’t leave out Russia and our climate in his “cry wolf” scenario. Very sad… stuff that losers resort to.

When we voted for Trump we didn’t “throw our values in the gutter.” We avoided throwing the presidency further into the gutter after eight years of incompetence. Quit whining and watch this country grow and regain respect.

Nate Baker