HB 233 erodes gun-free zones

To the editor:

As a teacher and a parent, I am extremely concerned about Ohio House Bill 233, which would exempt conceal carry gun owners from legal responsibility for bringing their guns into gun-free zones, including schools, churches, and police stations.

A responsible gun owner would not simply forget that they are carrying a concealed weapon. This bill is a sneaky attempt to allow guns in more places and erode gun-free zones. Further, when the previous law was passed that required daycares and preschools to post signs indicating that guns are not permitted, Sen. Gayle Manning came to Oberlin and explained that it was “not a burden” for them to post such signs. It is also not a burden for conceal-carry owners to read those signs and obey them.

I urge Sen. Manning and Rep. Dan Ramos to vote against this bill.

Christopher Trinacty