Who will take care of flooding?

To the editor:

Twice in the past month, torrential rains in New Russia Township have caused flooding of roads, yards, and ditches.

Due to lack of maintenance, run-off fills ditches on Rt. 58 north of Oberlin, on Butternut Ridge Road, and on Oberlin Road north of Lorain Street. Past appeals to New Russia Township trustees, the county, the county engineer, and the county health department have resulted in stony disregard. Each claims that the others are the responsible parties. The “good ol’ boys” network would rather use the considerable income of New Russia Township to build fancy recreation halls, “parks” that are stunningly empty of users, an expensive home to hold their meetings, and large equipment that is likewise rarely in use for the benefit of the residents.

What were they elected to do? They need to start taking care of their constituents.

Nancy Matthews