Real solutions to climate change

To the editor:

Last week’s issue of the News-Tribune highlighted a number of exciting things happening in and around Oberlin that help move us toward climate neutrality: POWER now has rebates for all-electric homes; OMLPS is offering rebates for trading in old inefficient refrigerators; and Republic is now running their garbage trucks on biomethane reclaimed from garbage!

While it is important that citizens, civic organizations, and businesses do their part, it won’t be enough to reduce carbon emissions fast enough to avoid serious ecological, economic, and social upheaval. We also need solutions that will have a nationwide impact.

The bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus now has 50 U.S. representatives on board; Ohio’s Marcy Kaptur is their newest member. The Climate Solutions Caucus supports a carbon fee, which helps make the true costs of burning fossil fuel more visible. This would be paired with the dividends being returned to citizens so that average citizens do not suffer economic hardship. A similar solution was recently proposed by senior Republican leaders James Baker, George Schultz, and Henry Paulson.

While our current president may not be on board, there are many people on both sides of the aisle who are eager to find real solutions. Climate change is a problem we need to solve together. Wouldn’t it be great if Jim Jordan and Bob Gibbs joined the Climate Solutions Caucus?

Cindy Frantz