Fair board allows emotional terrorism

To the editor:

If the Lorain County Fair Board had ancestors that were forced into human bondage, the Confederate battle flag would not be sold at the Lorain County Fair.

The Confederate government fought to maintain the right to torture, rape, enslave, and murder people of color. The men who fought under the Confederate flag were insurrectionists and traitors that attempted to overthrow the government of the United States. Ohioans died fighting against that flag. The Ku Klux Klan is a terrorist organization and was formed to spread fear among defenseless people of color… citizens of our nation. The KKK, whose members proudly wear those silly-looking bedsheets, has the Confederate flag as its banner and uses it to symbolize a message of white supremacy. The KKK was often aided by law enforcement agencies, government organizations, and autonomous semi-government organizations such as the Lorain County Fair board.

It would be unconscionable to think that the fair board is in league with White Supremacy organizations. But why is it adamant about continuing the sale of Confederate memorabilia in Lorain County? Are they sympathizers? The Nazi flag and the Confederate flag are execrably linked by hate, but yet there is no sale of the Nazi flag at the Lorain County Fair. The fair board is allowing emotional terrorism to be spread in Lorain County. There is no middle ground here — either you are for the sale of Confederate memorabilia or not. The fair board members are indirectly supporting the KKK by their indifference to the emotional plight of their own, law abiding Lorain County taxpaying citizens.

The Lorain County Fair board knows exactly what the Confederate flag represents, and the board members are marked by their actions and not their words. Shameful.

Lt. Col. Michael L Nelson

United States Army, Retired