No action on election complaints

To the editor:

Yes, there is election and voter fraud in Lorain County, Ohio, and law-abiding electors can expect continued nonfeasance from the Lorain County prosecutor’s office.

On Aug. 3, the six-year statue of limitations expired on my complaint filed with the Lorain County Board of Elections in 2011 against former Oberlin city councilman professor Charles Peterson.

Mr. Peterson declared under penalty of election falsification by his sworn signature that he was the circulator and that he witnessed the affixing of every signature on a petition containing 18 signatories.

Printed on both the front and back of this “nominating petition” in bright red bold letters is the warning that, “Whoever commits election falsification is guilty of a felony of the fifth degree.”

Both the Lorain County sheriff and prosecutor Dennis Will’s own investigation revealed that Mr. Peterson was not the circulator of the petition he submitted to the BOE, thus holding Mr. Peterson in violation of Ohio Revised Code 3599.36 (election fraud). Disregarded, never charged?

As to voter fraud, it has been over two years since a complaint was filed by Lorain councilman Dennis Flores in the 2015 primary elections wherein nine people allegedly voted illegally and no proceedings have been initiated to date.

Electoral abuse will persist locally, especially in Oberlin where out of state students are bused at the last minute to the BOE to register and given lists how to vote.

Lorain County residents deserve free and fair elections, not prosecutorial misconduct by failing to act.

Tony Mealy

Past member of Oberlin City Council