Not enough voters is the problem

To the editor:

According to the Lorain County Board of Elections, the percentage of registered Oberlin voters who voted in the past five general elections is: 2012, 50 percent; 2013, 19 percent; 2014, 29 percent; 2015, 30 percent; 2016, 57 percent. (And these numbers don’t include residents who could be registered but choose not to.)

In short, in the past five general elections, the average of registered Oberlin voters participating in general elections is 37 percent. We don’t have a problem with certain groups that we may have issues with voting. Our problem is that we don’t have enough voters voting, period.

Instead of chastising hypothetical potential voters, we should be more concerned that in too many elections we’ve empowered so few to speak for all of us.

Maureen Simen