Students have a right not to vote

To the editor:

Thanks to David Ashenhurst, and the editor’s footnote, I am once again painfully reminded that indeed the Oberlin College students have every right to vote on local issues. I assure you every taxpayer in Oberlin knows this!

What I and others have stated is they also have the right to not vote for every candidate and every issue on the ballot. It is not mandatory that you darken every oval on the ballot to exercise your right to vote. We all know the last 45 levies, or renewal levies requested since 1990 have been approved ( maybe more). This was not always at the will of permanent residents or community businesses. We were simply outvoted! I believe this was due to student voting influence. (Prove me wrong).

Student voting is not a problem, influencing local issues is the problem! Tony Mealy stated many reasons to support this! In 2011, the college newspaper, The Oberlin Review, addressed this issue themselves! The article was titled “Student voting here, there, or anywhere.” It questioned the facts of student voting on local issues in Oberlin. I believe they also realized the impact it has on local government in the city.

John Whitman