Speak out on nuclear option debate

To the editor:

A view holds that we should use our nuclear superior power to “Make America Great Again.” In any nuclear war, even against Russia or China, or both combined, America would win.

Another view is such a victory would be a Pyrrhic one at best. For while we could destroy all of those nations, perhaps no more than a fraction of ours would remain, and those few remaining cities would present a life worse than that we witnessed at the height of Hurricanes Katrina and Harvey in New Orleans and Houston, but with no help from the outside ever arriving until the end of the world. In effect, virtually the entire world would be on fire rather than submerged in water, with the earth’s environment being almost totally destroyed.

Of course, there’s the hope that there are enough people in our government who are sufficiently smart, creative, and humane to come up with options that will give our children and those in North Korea a chance to continue to search for answers that will unite the world rather than divide or worse destroy it.

But those in government may not act with the urgency needed unless far more ordinary people voice their concerns that nuclear war probably should not be on the table. Sadly, in North Korea, China, and even in Russia, almost two billion people can’t speak out publicly against their governments.

We can, not to state arrogantly and confidently that nuclear weapons must never be on the table, but to say that there should be the most open, candid, and spirited debate so that we all will be informed of the options and consequences we have.

Booker C. Peek