Concerns for our country

To the editor:

I have survived segregation, served in my country’s military. and served years in law enforcement. I have experienced many challenges of survival. I have maintained goals to put every effort to make a better place to live, to love my fellow men, and ward off hating others whose values are different than mine.

However, I am deeply disturbed by the direction our country is headed in with the leadership of President Donald Trump. Here are my concerns:

1) The United States may soon experience the worst race relations that may take us to the brink of a racial war.

2) Trump may engage this country in a nuclear war with North Korea that would involve other Asian countries. Our world could suffer many losses of lives and destruction of a large percentage of infrastructure.

3) The president’s quest for power is not good for the country. Power is driving force with him. We must not be stupid and follow his type of dream of being important in history. We have a wonderful and safe country, but if we continue this path, we will all lose.

4) He was not elected by the majority of the people of this country, so he speaks from a minority platform.

This spoiled, hateful president with his snake tongue has rallied the far right of hate, who seem to not understand the boundaries of race, the poor, and the hungry. He is drafting a blueprint for this country to erase all gains that most of us have fought for. If they (his followers and believers) cannot realize the consequences may mean their own demise, they too will follow the Pied Piper off the cliff.

Robert Jones