Make Oberlin better for non-drivers

To the editor:

Over the next few weeks, we have a wonderful opportunity to redress many of Oberlin’s failures of past decades. We can provide a safe and more enjoyable environment for Oberin’s many cyclists, joggers, dog walkers, and all of us willing to forgo the internal combustion engine for a brief sojourn.

Our sidewalk-less streets are currently in various states of dug-upedness. Pavement and lawns will need repair. Now is the perfect opportunity to provide those much-needed sidewalks that will allow all citizens to safely reach the trails of the Pyle Reservoir and all our peripheral beauty spots without unnecessarily inconveniencing the motorists whom we allow to share the access roads. The equipment will be in place to install sidewalks economically as soon as the utility work is completed.

Let us not repeat the errors of some short-sighted predecessors.

Let’s seize the initiative and make Oberlin safe for non-car travelers. Improving on Orwell’s slogan: “Whatever goes upon two legs is a friend; whatever goes on four legs is a friend; whatever goes on two wheels is a friend; whatever goes on four wheels is a friend. No animal shall mow down another for lack of sidewalks.”

Rhys Price Jones