Among Trump’s best speeches

To the editor:

President Donald Trump’s very brief speech to the nation on Monday was easily one of his best. He expressed our deepest condolences to those who lost loved ones in Las Vegas, praised the first responders, and made us all feel American.

For some, his speech would have been superb had he said that all those attending the concert should have been armed with automatic rifles with silencers. For others to have considered the speech one for the ages, President Trump would have had to have said that he was going to ask for legislation banning all but the smallest handguns and requiring the strictest background checks.

But for it to have been a transformative address, he would have to have said that he hopes that within the next 50 to 100 years people would choose never to have guns even though they have a right to have them and that he intends to do his best to calm all the fears feeding such need today.

Again, the president gave us an excellent speech, and I hope he will continue to listen to those who counsel rationality, calmness, cooperation, and kindness. Perhaps the day of no guns will come sooner than many of us think. At least, I hope we will fight for that goal with an even greater intensity than others fight for theirs.

Booker C. Peek