Rimbert and Jindra bring experience

To the editor:

I have known Ron Rimbert and Bill Jindra for more than 20 years and I wholeheartedly support their bids for Oberlin city council.

Both Ron and Bill bring thoughtfulness, maturity, and experience to the position. They understand and will advocate for multiple issues, such as the importance of city maintenance, providing a new water system for Shipherd Circle, flood prevention on Reserve Avenue, and much-needed major street improvements.

During their tenures on Oberlin city council, Ron and Bill have diligently worked to raise the minimum wage for city workers; assure protection for all Oberlin residents regardless of race, religion, or sexual orientation; as well as other issues of social justice.

In order to move Oberlin in the direction that will benefit all our citizens, Bill and Ron need your votes.

Penny Locke