Singleton is a benefit to the city

To the editor:

It is important to return Kelley Singleton to Oberlin’s city council for a second term.

I have never seen a first-term council member work as hard as Kelley to understand the issues and to make good decisions.

Kelley very quickly established relationships with the administrative experts in the city, meeting frequently with the city manager, finance director, or law director. He developed the reputation of someone who wanted to learn and to gather information pertinent to a discussion or vote. Before a council meeting, he not only had asked questions of city administrators, he also had read carefully the packet of ordinances and background materials provided by the city clerk. Kelley was always prepared and able to encourage council support for critical issues, whether he was advocating for additional protections of the LGBTQ community or questioning the appropriateness of design submissions for city signage.

I doubt if any council member can match Kelley’s attendance at virtually every commission meeting. Because of all the hours he has put in, and his willingness to ask questions of city administrators, he is more knowledgeable than some council members who have served multiple terms.

Kelley supported legislation reaffirming Oberlin as a sanctuary city as well as council’s proclamation condemning Trump’s withdrawing from the Paris Accords. He voted to raise the minimum wage for city workers, and he strongly urged council to create Indigenous Peoples’ Day.

Kelley is a hard-working, well-informed council member. Oberlin would benefit greatly from his election for a second term.

Sharon Fairchild Soucy