Support for Adelman

To the editor:

I urge you to vote for Heather Adelman for city council. The only candidates running who is not currently on city council or has not served earlier, Ms. Adelman will bring fresh perspective and a new voice to council.

Her wealth of local, regional, and national experience will make her an ideal council member. She has worked with the EPA and served on the Oberlin area board of the League of Women Voters. A tireless volunteer who is committed to the quality of life of all of Oberlin’s residents, she has long supported both economic development and sustainability. She currently serves on the executive committee of the board of Oberlin Community Service and is vice chair of the city’s resource and recovery commission. She helped create the nonprofit Oberlin Food Hub, which is dedicated to increasing the availability of local food and expanding local employment. She brings her knowledge and experience to her passionate commitment to continuing to improve Oberlin’s drinking water system so that residents have the best water possible. Her work as assistant director to the Oberlin Project demonstrates her ability to work with different communities, to listen to various viewpoints, and to facilitate productive conversation among diverse groups.

Remember to vote, and when you do, please cast a vote for Heather Adelman for city council.

Sandy Zagarell