Yes on Issues 15 and 17, no on 16

To the editor:

Vote yes on Issues 15 and 17 to ensure that Oberlin has funds for capital improvements to pay for fire and police vehicles and safety equipment, parks and cemetery improvements, street improvements and maintenance, along with preserving ratepayers’ preference in regard to their utility cost.

Vote no on Issue 16, which proposes to eliminate the Choice Program at a time that Oberlin College is experiencing a $5 million deficit with enrollment down and tuition up plus the recent buyout of staff and faculty along with the just-announced hiring freeze at the college. It reminds of 2009 when President Barack Obama entered office. Do you think the new college president, Carmen Ambar, could use the electric rebate?

Also, there are many Oberlin families living paycheck to paycheck and businesses in town that are struggling on a monthly basis that could use this money payback from the electric utility.

Consider these candidates and issues carefully when deciding your vote on Nov. 7. Best picks for Oberlin city council are William Jindra, Kristin Peterson, Ronnie Rimbert, Kelley Singleton, and Linda Slocum. And remember to vote yes on Issues 15 and 17 and vote no on Issue 16.

Tony Mealy member

Oberlin Public Utility Commission