Slocum is exemplary candidate

To the editor:

We write to urge the re-election of Linda Slocum to the Oberlin city council in November. She has served as vice chair of that body throughout her first term, and by virtue of her skills, extensive experience, and devotion to the well-being of the community she is certain to continue her superb service.

She is ardently committed to the open and clear process of decision-making that is fundamental to democracy. (One sign of her civic engagement is her longstanding participation in the activities of the League of Women Voters.) Her concern for social justice has been exemplified in her unremitting efforts on behalf of homeless families who are aided by the Family Promise organization. She has the temperament and wisdom to work through conflicts and disputes with discernment. She is assiduous in preparation, astute in arriving at judgments, and fair in dealing with others.

In short, she is an exemplary candidate whom we are honored to support.

Carol and Bob Longsworth