On school votes, remember principles

To the editor:

This Nov. 7, I believe we will pass the “no-new-taxes” renewal school levy issues 40 and 41. But because we cannot afford to kick this can down the road again: I have always been, and still am, supportive of the “Phoenix Project” (as I like to think of it), the K-12 new school (or at least two new Phoenix “wings”) construction idea that has been in the works for nearly 10 years now.

Our thoughtful, elected school board members have dedicated plenty of time to this pivotal issue in light of our evolving economy and demographics. As globally ashamed as I am with how deluded and overconfident I was about the 2016 presidential election, I am also locally ashamed of how oblivious I was to some of my fellow taxpayers’ apparent resistance to the Phoenix Project. How convinced I was, a year ago, that we’d have someone else in the White House, and that we’d have placed and passed what I’d thought was a done-deal levy issue involving yes, new taxes.

I believe that we in Oberlin of all places have principles, not just pocketbooks. We do not vote purely out of short-sighted, immediate self-interest. We vote long-range for what is best for us, our neighbors near and far, parents and property owners or neither, our progeny, and our planet.

I urge the school board to give us a chance — and soon — to show just how willing most of us are to sacrifice and invest in our young people and their teachers: brick, mortar, and brains.

Mary B. McKee