Make America better than ever

To the editor:

Our problems on Earth include the possibility of our being annihilated by asteroids, nuclear war, global warming, or the death of our sun. But the solution to all problems comes from the same God who inspired the brilliant scientists of the past to unlock the mysteries during their times that seemed so unfathomable — for example, jumbo planes flying around the world or heart transplants.

We today need only understand that all we are asked to do for future generations is to use the minds God gave us to solve problems and “Make America Better Than Ever,” striving to eradicate poverty and all forms of injustice and discrimination at home and understanding that we can never achieve a fullness and lasting greatness unless and until human beings everywhere in the world enjoy some measure of the liberty, prosperity, and peace we seek for ourselves.

Our humanity can never be great if it is always restricted just to the USA, a mere five percent of the world’s population. Nor can it be realized by our willingness to use our military superiority to bring others to their knees. Instead, it must be one that recognizes that we are all seriously at risk of extermination and are interdependent. Survival cannot be guaranteed, but it is far more likely to be attained if we work for and embrace “a world humanity,” one uniting and enriching us with the gifts of love, joy, and inventiveness that all God’s people have.

Booker Peek