Slocum has been a good listener

To the editor:

I write in support of the reelection of Linda Slocum for Oberlin city council. We are fortunate to have a city representative who exemplifies the most important qualities we seek in a public servant, but too seldom find: honesty, integrity and an open mind. In her first term, Linda has worked hard to understand the issues before council and really listen to the diverse viewpoints of city residents. She has proved herself to be an effective consensus builder and plans to improve communication and cooperation between council and all city service departments.

Linda will continue to support council’s efforts to improve our aging housing stock and provide more affordable housing for singles, young families and seniors. She will also work to attract new business and industry, thus improving job and housing opportunities for all residents.

Oberlin has benefited from Linda’s thoughtful and open-minded approach to her job on council. I urge Oberlin voters to join me in voting to return Linda to city council.

Sarah Colson