Williams is excellent school board pick

To the editor:

Jason Williams grew up in Lorain and graduated from Oberlin College. He returned to Oberlin several years ago with his wife to raise their three children.

He has a strong interest in the Oberlin City Schools. Jason is the founder and CEO of “Get With the Program,” a nonprofit organization that works with children in the primary grades at school vacations, during the summer, and with special one-day workshops when students are off from school. His efforts focus on science, technology, and mathematics, areas where our society sorely needs additional, skilled people. The approach involves experts in a variety of fields and hands-on work by the students. His offerings are fully subscribed, oftentimes with waiting lists. The young people are quite excited about what he is doing, as are their parents.

Active knowledge of student needs, his creativity in designing programs, and his resourcefulness in organizing and implementing the programs make him an ideal candidate for the Oberlin city school board.

Lee C. Drickamer