Voters can make a difference on energy

To the editor:

Greg Jones gave the winning argument at last Monday’s forum on RECs at Mount Zion Fellowship Hall.

Greg, who does the energy audits for POWER, told how POWER has combined grants from the Sustainable Reserve Fund with other funds to make 86 Oberlin homes more energy-efficient, comfortable and valuable – and keep the homeowners’ utility bills lower for years to come. The city could expand POWER to cover 10 times that number of homes, using the RECs money. Another program could help small businesses save on their utility bills, long-term.

The one-sided forum only had panelists who argued against using all the RECs money the way the city’s own ordinance states it should – for the Sustainable Reserve Program. But all their arguments lost out to Greg’s story. Without arguing directly against the panelists, Greg showed that the voters do have a real choice in this election: Invest the RECs money in energy efficiency for big savings in the long run or lose that opportunity forever.

Vote yes on 16, no on 17.

John Elder