Pride in meeting attendance record

To the editor:

My opponent recently issued his explanation for why he missed 20 percent of the regular council meetings in a recent four-year period.

Like him, I have family scattered across the country resulting in the need for out-of-state travel, and both of us must deal with life’s usual twists and turns of fate. In addition I operate a small business that requires out-of-state travel. Despite these time demands, I take great pride in never having missed a regular council meeting in nearly 18 years. I take time to reply to the many phone calls and emails I receive from fellow Amherst residents. I keep our community updated on important issues. I have donated many hundreds of hours working with our police, fire, and utility workers to keep their safety training up-to-date, all at no cost to the city. The city council president must wear many hats, every day, 100 percent of the time.

I am grateful for the confidence and trust of the citizens of Amherst. I hope to continue to earn that trust for many years to come.

Jennifer Wasilk

Candidate for Council President

Editor’s note: Because council candidates were given the opportunity for equal space on our questionnaire in this issue, and because this week’s edition of the News-Times is the last prior to the election, we reached out to Wasilk’s opponent, John Dietrich, and offered the opportunity to reply with his own letter. He declined.