Could we be like Georgetown?

To the editor:

In Texas there is a town. Well, Georgetown, Texas, is really a city about six times the size of Oberlin, located in the Bible Belt and run by a very conservative-thinking mayor named Dale Ross. What is unusual about this town is that, despite assumptions we might make, it is run entirely on renewable energy because mayor Ross, who is also a certified public accountant, fully understood that wind and solar renewable energy clearly were cheaper than oil and gas fossil fuel energy. Georgetown now produces more renewable electric energy than the town needs and and sells it back to the grid, saving citizens considerable tax dollars and providing clean air and water to boot. How good is that?

Can Oberlin do that? Possibly — at least to a great extent. We can start the transition now by voting yes on Issue 16 (to put all REC money into the Sustainable Reserve Fund improving our community’s long-term electrical efficiency) and no on Issue 17 (to rescind city council’s previous mistaken action). Individuals, businesses, and government alike will all benefit in multiple ways.

Judith Appleton