Adelman is the high-quality choice

To the editor:

As a newcomer to Oberlin, March 2017, I have watched the electoral process here in Oberlin carefully before becoming vocal about it.

My background of more than 16 years in government and politics in Ohio in the 1970-2000 era makes me cautious. In the early 2000s, I became familiar with Oberlin through First Church in Oberlin, and then I moved out of the area for 12 years. But in that time, the Oberlin Project came into existence and I met many folks who I came to respect in their roles at the time. One of those was Heather Adelman. Heather’s involvement in so many Oberlin-based organizations has brought her a unique hands-on knowledge about the needs of the community. Add that to her environmental involvement on all levels and I see a unique opportunity to engage someone of high quality and high commitment and high experience in the future of Oberlin. As a newcomer to city council, Heather would bring strength to an already strong council.

I support and endorse Heather Adelman.

Janice Marie Litterst