Whaley is refreshing candidate for governor

To the editor:

Of all the candidates running for Ohio governor, Nan Whaley is my favorite. I see something refreshing in her — and future president material.

She brings mayor-of-Dayton skills, moral clarity, and a spark of youth.

She has a knack for facilitating help that’s both speedy and systemic: lots of homeless veterans finding permanent housing, lots of kids getting better pre-K, thousands of people getting mentors and those mentors getting training, lots of new Dayton residents welcomed, supported, and encouraged to start businesses.

When Nan Whaley sees a problem, she responds as a governor should.

Nan Whaley will be in Oberlin soon — on the Monday after the election. Nov. 13. Mark your calendars and hear for yourself. Park in the hospital parking lot, enter the college Science Center building, and go to the big lecture hall on the first floor, off the central atrium at 7 p.m.!

Aliza Weidenbaum