Time to move forward with chief

To the editor:

There is some relief learning that the city manager’s choice for our new police chief may take office Nov. 20. The city council chose the city manager and he had the difficult job of finding a police chief. I do not know the new chief and have no idea what his qualifications are. I do know that the city manager gave us all many opportunities to be a part of the very open process that led to his decision.

We want all our police officers to be very excited about doing their jobs each day. There is no doubt that they will meet the minimum, written standards for their duties. But a whole lot more is asked of them, and, indeed, of all first responders other than their doing just enough to get a passing grade.

A few officers expressed openly their strong disapproval of the manager’s choice; we must all care about their feelings because they put their lives on the line each day to protect ours. They fought for a different outcome.

It won’t be easy for them to do all the unseen things to help the new chief excel, but our expectation is that they will; they care just as much about this city as anyone else. And because we care about them, we must all consider ways to express our thanks to them for their great service.

Booker C. Peek