Tax bill doesn’t guarantee jobs

To the editor:

On Friday, Dec. 1, the Senate voted to approve its version of the tax bill. Last-minute edits and handwritten revisions riddled the 479 pages. Since the start of Senate’s process, I have relentlessly asked Sen. Rob Portman one question: Where in the tax bill does it require businesses to use the money from tax breaks to create jobs and increase wages? Phone calls, emails, social media posts, two visits to his D.C. office, and what did I learn? Nothing. No one on his staff can tell me where in the bill it says we are getting jobs and raises from the billions in tax breaks we will be funding.

At a recent summit of corporate CEOs, only a few of the hundreds assembled raised their hands when asked if that’s what they planned to do with the money. Gary Cohen, President Donald Trump’s, economic advisor, even asked, “Why not more?” The answer is simple: they don’t have to. Our recent history of giving corporations tax cuts has proven that they use very little of that money to benefit workers. What corporation in Ohio has committed to do so now?

It is not too late to contact Sen. Portman (202-224-3353) and Rep. Jim Jordan (202-225-2676) and ask them that same question. Tell them that we are not fooled. This tax bill is a feast for the wealthy that will leave crumbs for the rest of us.

Maureen Simen