Touched by Oberlin’s generosity

To the editor:

Words cannot express my gratitude for the love and generosity given to my son Tracy Ellis when his bicycle was stolen. Of all places, as Tracy left worship service at Rust United Methodist Church, his bicycle was gone.

The days following were filled with mixed emotions from shock to disappointment and despair. But the outpouring of love, generosity, support, and networking changed everything. The Oberlin community showed up as usual. Friends from near and far used social media and word of mouth to help spread the word.

Tracy’s bike is his main source of transportation and independence. Tracy’s boss, Larry Cariglio, owner of Lorenzo’s Pizzeria, leaped into action with determination to replace Tracy’s bicycle. Swerve Bike Shop owner Joseph McHugh and his staff were also outstanding. They helped Tracy regain his independence.

Tracy and I had no idea of how far his story would spread and the impact it has on others. That is why we are so proud to call Oberlin home. Thank you so much!

Patricia and Tracy Ellis