The local quilt guild: Dinosaur or hidden gem?

Christina Yoo - Lorain County Piecemakers

As the president of the Lorain County Piecemakers Quilt Guild, I attend quilting lectures across Northeast Ohio.

While attending a quilting lecture alone last month, I sat with ladies I did not know and we easily talked about our current projects and our shared fabric obsession. I’m always amazed about how you can talk to other quilters as if you have known them your entire life even though you only just met. One lady said she was a member of a virtual, online quilt guild but she missed this type of personal interaction. I encouraged her to join a local guild. Too bad she lived in eastern Lake County or I would have dragged her to our next meeting here in Lorain County!

A few days later, I was talking with guild members and the conversation turned to “the good old days.” One person mentioned that our guild used to have a lot more members. Quilting is a multi-million dollar industry so I know there are quilters out there. We pondered why people don’t join quilt guilds as much as they used to and I wondered if it was due to the digital age. A lot of modern quilters learn how to quilt online through blog posts and YouTube. I also learn a lot from trolling the Internet.

However, there’s nothing like being surrounded by people who are cut from the same cloth, sharing the same passion for fabric, sewing, color, and beauty. I can learn so much more from my guild buddies than I do on YouTube. I’ve also discovered a literal patchwork quilt of personalities in this guild! We all share a common thread and this quilt guild understands all the hard work I put into my projects!

We quilters are a very social crowd. Although our nominal membership dues bring in fabulous guests to lecture and workshop teachers, I truly think most of us really enjoy the social time and show-and-tell even more. I think being a part of a guild gives us a place to go to be around like-minded people who love to create, socialize, and talk about their projects. I never tire of hearing the enthusiastic ooohs and aaahs during show and tell. We are so creative!

I’m doing my best to spread the joy of the good old fashioned quilt guild because I don’t want it to go the route of the dinosaur. I love our little guild here in Lorain County.

We are the Lorain County Piecemakers, based in Oberlin. Our guild has been around since 1980. Our mission is to promote and support education of the art and craft of quilting and related fiber arts, adding to the traditions and history by developing and encouraging new concepts and motivating each other to achieve excellence in our work. Part of this mission includes supporting our community by donating quilts and other needed items. Some of the causes that benefit from our community outreach include Genesis House, Blessing House, Family Promise, and Quilts of Valor.

Are you a closet quilter? Do you know someone who may love to join this social group called a “guilt guild?” Please share this information as we are open to new members. Please consider this an open invitation to join us as my guest at one of our meetings. We meet the second Thursday of each month at 7 p.m. at the New Russia Township Lodge, 46300 Butternut Ridge Rd.

I really want our guild to grow and prosper in the years to come, but that won’t happen if local quilters are hiding behind their computers and just dreaming about quilting. That won’t happen if quilters are quilting at home, alone, and never come out to share the love.

Please join me in celebrating your local quilt guild, which is a hidden gem right here in your backyard.

Wellington resident Christina Yoo is president of the Lorain County Piecemakers. For more information, visit or contact

Christina Yoo

Lorain County Piecemakers