Dangerous for Republicans to lambaste FBI

To the editor:

There’s perhaps no more respected institution of our government than the FBI. The FBI has almost 36,000 employees, including its current director, James Comey. Today, he is roundly criticized and forever in disfavor with most of his Republican cohorts because, after a year-long investigation into almost 50,000 of her emails, he did not recommend to the Justice Department that Clinton be charged.

The FBI is now being discredited. The Justice Department is under attack. And Trump has made it clear that if he’s chosen president, he will fight to see that Hillary Clinton is put in jail. Effectively, she is now being treated about as harshly as she would have been had she been found guilty.

Clinton has to redouble her efforts to make the case why she is best qualified to be president, instead of attempting to convince her detractors that she’s innocent. She will never be able to do that, however often she apologizes or answers questions. But spending time addressing the matter will leave her far too little time to make the case why she is deserving to be our president.

Unless there’s indisputable evidence to justify an unbridled assault, it is dangerous for Republicans to lambaste the FBI and our Justice Department, for that political mudslinging may invite Democrats to rise up similarly when a ruling goes against what they dislike. The nation’s healing is damaged by widespread whispers of distrust.

Both the FBI and the Justice Department need to be viewed as being fair, except when there’s clear and abundant evidence suggesting otherwise. They deserve our support generally, but particularly when they give us decisions that we dislike.

Booker C. Peek