Fall sports student-athlete accolades roll in

By Erik Andrews - For the News-Tribune

After a fall sports season full of notable performances, Oberlin Phoenix student-athletes have collected numerous awards based on their efforts both on the field and in the classroom.

Just prior to Thanksgiving break, Oberlin City Schools athletic director John Carter spoke to the assembled players and parents at Awards Night, acknowledging the unusual breadth and depth of the post-season honors bestowed:


Coach Sharhonda Rankin

• Team MVP: Lauren Sands

• Team Coaches Award: Sonja Borgmann

• Team Most Improved: Mar’Reiyonna Froust

• D3 All-District First Team: Karissa Rankin

• D3 All-District Second Team: Lauren Sands

• D3 All-District Honorable Mention: Kaylianna Barbie

• First Team All-County: Karissa Rankin, Lauren Sands

• Honorable Mention All-County: Kaylianna Barbie

• First Team Stripes (PAC): Karissa Rankin

• Second Team Stripes (PAC): Lauren Sands, Kayliana Barbie

• Honorable Mention Stripes (PAC): Mar’Reiyonna Froust

Cross Country

Coach David Hathaway

• Team MVP/Coach’s Award: Jeremy Burnside

• Team Most Improved: Asher Cipinko

• Team Most Improved: Megan Dobos

• All-County Second Team: Jeremy Burnside, Megan Dobos

• All-County Honorable Mention: Janae Johnson

Boys Soccer

Coach Dan Kulp

• Team MVP Thayer Preston

• Team Coaches Award: Louis Gerard

• Team Most Improved: Jan Luca Huenting

• First Team All-County: John Elrod, Louis Gerard

• Second Team All-County: Thayer Preston, Jack Freas

• Honorable Mention All-County: Julian Cross, Soloman Kelley

• Greater Cleveland First Team: Louis Gerard, John Elrod

• Greater Cleveland Second Team: Thayer Preston

• GCSSCA Honorable Mention: Julian Cross, Syncere Shahid, Jan Luca Huenting

• First Team Stripes (PAC): Louis Gerard, Thayer Preston, John Elrod

• Second Team Stripes (PAC): Syncere Shahid, Jack Freas, Jan Luca Huenting

• Honorable Mention Stripes (PAC): Julian Cross

Girls Soccer

Coach Becky Lahetta

• Team MVP: Janae Johnson

• Team Coaches Award: Nora Cavanaugh

• Team Most Improved: Kiah Fields

• First Team All-County: Janae Johnson, Rosy Turner

• Second Team All-County: Alyssa Hicks-Watson

• Honorable Mention All-County: Julie Lindberg, Kiah Fields

• Greater Cleveland First Team: Janae Johnson

• GCSSCA HM: Elizabeth Santiago, Rosy Turner, Alyssa Hicks-Watson, Nora Cavanaugh

• First Team Stripes (PAC): Janae Johnson, Alyssa Hicks-Watson

• Second Team Stripes (PAC): Rosy Turner, Nora Cavanaugh, Kiah Fields

• Honorable Mention Stripes (PAC): Julie Lindberg

• Team GPA (state recognition) – 3.07

• Senior All-Academic (state recognition, above 3.7 GPA): Nora Cavanaugh (3.95)


Coach Mike Akers

• Team MVP: Matthew Rasmussen

• Team Offensive Player of the Year: Devan Yarber

• Team Defense Player of the Year: Ravon Eisom

• Team Most Improved, Offense: Aaron Arnold

• Team Most Improved, Defense: David Hopkins

• Team Coaches Award: Riley Horning

• Team Coaches Award: Devin Randleman

• Team Up-and-Coming Offense Award: Jadon Turner

• Team Up-and-Coming Defense Award: Jaydon Harris

• Second Team All-Ohio Quarterback: Devan Yarber

• 3rd Team All-Ohio Offensive Lineman: Matthew Rasmussen

• 3rd Team All-Ohio Defensive Lineman: Marquis Walker

• 3rd Team All-Ohio Defensive Linebacker: Ravon Eisom

• D6 District Offensive Player of the Year: Devan Yarber

• First Team D6 NE District: Devan Yarber, Matthew Rasmussen, Ravon Eisom, Marquis Walker

• All-County Offensive Player of the Year: Devan Yarber

• First Team All-County (Offense): Devan Yarber, Matthew Rasmussen, Aaron Arnold, Jared Fidler

• First Team All-County (Defense): Ravon Eisom, Marquis Walker

• Honorable Mention All-County: Devin Randleman, Riley Horning

• PAC Offensive Player of the Year: Devan Yarber

• PAC Lineman of the Year: Matthew Rasmussen

• First Team Stripes (PAC) Offense: Devan Yarber, Matthew Rasmussen, Aaron Arnold

• First Team Stripes (PAC) Defense: Ravon Eisom, Riley Horning, Marquis Walker

• Second Team Stripes (PAC): Jared Fidler, Sam Thompson, Alex Rucker, David Hopkins

• Honorable Mention Stripes (PAC): Jeremiah Austin

By Erik Andrews

For the News-Tribune