64 scholar-athletes recognized at OHS

By Erik Andrews - For the News-Tribune

Last week we reported the myriad on-field honors and recognitions for the Oberlin fall sport student-athletes. This week, it’s a tip-of-the-cap to these 64 Oberlin High School students who have also demonstrated prowess in the classroom.

A special shout-out to the girls soccer team, which received state All-Academic recognition with a collective GPA of 3.07. The team is led by Nora Cavanaugh, who was named a Senior All-State Academic Athlete based on her 3.95 GPA.

Each of these students listed has been recognized as an OHS Academic Athlete, Patriot Athletic Conference Academic Athlete, or both. The honor goes to those who achieve honor or merit roll standing for the first academic quarter while also competing in a fall sport.

From the boys soccer team: Louis Gerard, John Elrod, Jan Luca Huenting, Thayer Preston, Elijah Chambers, Jack Freas, Cody Gilbert, Jonathan Turner, Julian Cross, Jabir Emeka, Richard Tyner, Owen Urbansky, Azaad Canaan, Cole Thompson, Solomon Kelley, Zeke Locklear, and Jordan Neal.

From the cross country team: Jeremy Burnside, Cannon Byron-Dixon, Sandra Perales, Asher Cipinko, Megan Dobos, Mattias Fritz, and Ewan Inglis.

From the football team: Matthew Rasmussen, Jaxson Baker, Hunter Clawson, St. John Harris, Devin Randleman, Riley Horning, Ario Brian Thompson, Sam Thompson, Jaydon Harris, Ethan Parker, Alex Rucker, and Jeremiah Sutton.

From the girls soccer team: Maxine Baggett-Redd, Nora Cavanaugh, Hallie Kenney, Janae Johnson, Julie Lindberg, Selena Santiago, Elizabeth Santiago, Rosy Turner, Una Moon Laubscher-Baumann, Monica Maya, Angie Clement, Maryn Tolbert, Ana Dedecek, and Tessa Newson.

From the volleyball team: Sonja Borgmann, Julia Malakar, Daria Martz, Karissa Rankin, Lauren Sands, Casey Amato, Tierra Barbra, Ariana Butcher, Tiffani Burke, Mar’Reiyonna Froust, Kayliana Barbee, Bailey Wallace, Eliana Parker, and Jenna Tatum.

By Erik Andrews

For the News-Tribune