To the editor:

It’s 2:18 a.m. and I can’t sleep because I’m so worried about America’s future.

As voters, we have a job to do. Two of my closest friends, who have voted for the last 50 years, both say that they are not going to vote because they don’t like either candidate. We don’t have to like a politician to love America. If the wrong person gets in the Oval Office because we stayed home and didn’t vote, the shame is on each of us.

I have been listening to people talking and I know everyone in America is deeply concerned about their future. We need to put our dislikes aside and think about what is best for the future of America. Whoever we vote into office represents us, not just here in the United States but clear across the entire world. Our choice will affect everyone; we must consider that as we cast our vote. We must choose the best candidate for the job.

These are scary and turbulent times. It is up to us to choose a president to lead America with patience, calmness, and experiences but most of all a human being that has respect for all people everywhere.

For more than 200 years America has been able to show others the way. Your vote is important. Get out and vote! Our children and grandchildren are depending on us.

Jean Sherrard

“Birth Mother” of the Boys & Girls Club of Lorain County